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What is DoorSwap?

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DoorSwap will keep your units full, and your rent collected. You’ll get more productivity from your staff by reducing the amount of time they spend on tedious collections and service-related tasks.

Collecting rent is our specialty. We drive the process of collections by sending paper or email statements, sending late notices, and charging late fees. We make it convenient for your tenants to pay, and that will enable quicker remittances. Tenants can pay online for the ultimate in convenience. Get your tenants set up for automatic credit card or bank draft payments through DoorSwap, and your cash flow will be effortless and predictable.

We will help you collect deposits, and make sure that leases get renewed on time. DoorSwap can help you fill units. When a unit is about to become vacant, we’ll let you know, and we’ll promote it on our hosted property showcase. The DoorSwap system will maintain your renter's security deposit amounts, and allow you to refund, apply to final rent, or apply to damage charges.

DoorSwap’s tenant interface allows tenants to file service requests online. We keep track of open service requests, and ping technicians about aging issues. All while providing you reporting that gives you the big picture. That’s a driven service process.