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About our organization

  • Mission

    Assured Revenue Corporation provides software-driven business solutions. Our goal is to improve our customers’ lives via the efficiencies of properly modeled software processes.

  • About us

    Assured Revenue is the continuation of a billing technology group started in 1996. For two decades, our team has developed cutting edge solutions for billing and back office management solutions for a variety of industries such as Internet providers, web hosting providers, and retail stores. Our property management solutions build on this tradition of technology-based automation for the self storage management market.

  • Design methodology

    We believe that every facet of business operation should be reinforced by a technology-based “driven process”. Automation of recurring tasks is the best way to ensure that everything is done on time, every time. We insist that our software never be a derivative of aging products that have languished in the market for decades. We question everything to achieve superior interface designs, better security practices, higher scalability and performance, and lower cost of operation. We use the Agile software development methodology in order to quickly respond to internal and customer driven needs. This iterative design philosophy provides the benefit of an intelligent formalized design scheme, while allowing us to remain responsive to quickly changing market requirements.

  • Support

    Over the years, our success has been tied to an emphasis on customer support. We provide immediate access to qualified technicians, provide industry leading user documentation and videos, and constantly engage customers to shape the future direction of our software.

  • Security

    Catastrophes will happen. We design our technology platforms for scalability and security. We engage third party monitoring services to scan and certify our servers. We engineer transparent redundancies in our systems to allow seamless and graceful fall-back protection in case the worst happens.

  • Philosophy

    We strive to exceed customer expectations by providing properly engineered technology solutions. We anticipate the future needs of our customers to protect their investment in their back office. We enrich the lives of our employees with a team-friendly environment and provide industry leading benefits and the opportunity for success. We give back to our community to improve the world around us.

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With Assured Revenue's DoorSwap self storage management software, you get technology developed by software designers specifically to help you run your business better.

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