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SMS/Text Chat With DoorSwap

by admin on January 15, 2018

DoorSwap provides a number of ways to use SMS Text Messaging to keep close to your tenants. Text messaging offers a convenient way to communicate quickly and effectively with a wide variety of renters.

Text chat sessions let you talk back and forth with tenants in real time.  Not only can you resolve questions and issues immediately, the conversations are permanently saved on the tenant’s DoorSwap account for later review.

DoorSwap include a robust double-opt in system, which requires the user to click on a link, agree to the types of texts they wish to receive, and then confirm their agreement by text as a final step.

If a customer sends you an unexpected text, DoorSwap will notify you of a “new inbound text”.

Use DoorSwap SMS Text Messaging to send monthly “payment due” reminders.  The message can include a “click here to pay now” link, which will present the user with a instant payment screen where they can enter a credit card number or bank account and pay their full balance.

For more information about DoorSwap and SMS Text Messaging, please call 662-323-5350.

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