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Take Digital Signatures with DoorSwap

by admin on January 11, 2018

Digital signature is now a native feature of DoorSwap Management software.  After you complete a tenant move-in, tell your tenant to check their email on their phone!  Their lease is available for immediate access. They can review the lease document on their preferred device, and sign it right then. Or if you use DoorSwap to do online move-ins from your website, your tenant can complete the process when their lease is emailed to them for signature.

DoorSwap embeds the tenant’s actual signature in the designated places of the document, and the document is saved as a PDF on the tenant’s record in DoorSwap.  So you can further automate the move-in process, go paperless, and have instant access to signed documents from anywhere.

To make sure all your important documents get signed, DoorSwap will show you any unsigned documents that are still pending.  And best of all, the entire process is entirely built into your DoorSwap system.

To hear more about this feature, give us a call at 662-323-5350 for a chat or a demo.

adminTake Digital Signatures with DoorSwap