Enterprise ready tools to help you manage your properties

Robust reporting

DoorSwap has a wide variety of economic management, accounting, property management and tenant management reports.  Most reports let you view data for multiple properties in a single comprehensive view.

Economic management reports are designed to show you a wide variety of economic data points for each of your properties. These data points give you an accurate measure of past, current and upcoming financial impact issues. These reports show you how profitable certain types of units are, as well as a revenue-per-square foot for different unit types. You’ll see how well managers are upselling tenant insurance, and what discount levels have been used to achieve occupany for each unit type.

Managers will appreciate the daily operation reports that help them with collections, auction management, reservations, banking and cash flow. Many of the reports are designed to be interactive in the DoorSwap interface, allowing managers to click on report links to do things like easily adding notes to customer accounts.

Accounting reports such as trial balance, balance sheet, general ledger, income statement and sales by SKU can all display Cash or Accrual based results.

Revenue Management

Using your business rules, DoorSwap’s integrated revenue management system will monitor occupancy of your different unit types to help you optimize your pricing.

Based on your settings DoorSwap will automatically suggest or adjust your unit street rates. Revenue rules can be defined to raise or lower prices to maximize each property’s earnings.

For occupied units, the revenue management features will adjust occupied rates on specific units based on how long the occupant has leased the unit and how recently that unit has had a price change.

Multiple Stores

DoorSwap is designed to help you manage multiple properties effectively. A true cloud based system is the perfect platform to control your data from a single vantage point.

Search for tenants across multiple stores. Define sets of stores and link their business rules together for consistency and ease of configuration. Share vendor lists between properties, with tailored spending limits at each property.

Run reports for single properties or a group of properties. Powerful management overview reports allow you to aggregate data for selected property groups.

A flexible security model lets you determine which staff has access to different properties. Assign security roles to quickly and effectively control the power each staff member is granted.

DoorSwap API

The DoorSwap system is built on a robust API (application programming interface).  The DoorSwap API is your bridge between DoorSwap and the rest of your technology infrastructure.

The API allows you to integrate DoorSwap cloud with your website to show real time pricing and availability of your units, and to implement your own online reservation system. The DoorSwap API also allows your 3rd party vendors to integrate your DoorSwap data with their services to provide a unified property management platform.

Banking and accounting

Designed to be an essential part of your banking and accounting infrastructure, DoorSwap includes the power of a full accounting engine.

DoorSwap provides the flexibility of both cash and accrual based accounting. Tenant accounts can be open item or balance forward. DoorSwap also natively supports multiple currencies.

Create bank deposits and manage your cash drawer with DoorSwap. A full featured bank reconcillation system lets you reconcile your bank accounts. You can also pay vendor bills and print checks with your DoorSwap system.

Configure DoorSwap to export exactly the level of data you desire automatically to QuickBooks and other supported accounting systems. DoorSwap allows you to import your QuickBooks payroll data.

Accounts payable

DoorSwap includes a complete accounts payable system built allowing you to manage vendor payments across your enterprise. Local managers enter vendor invoices into the DoorSwap, and attach a scanned copy.

In order to oversee spending, you can specify a money limit per vendor per property; invoices less than this amount are sent straight to your accounting software for check printing. Invoices over the limit are flagged for approval by a regional manager, after which the invoices are then released to your accounting system.

The most advanced, flexible and powerful system of its kind. Are you ready to try DoorSwap?

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