Daily Operations

Run your storage facility at maximum efficiency using DoorSwap.

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Daily operations with DoorSwap

Powerful and convenient features that help your staff work at maximum efficiency.

  • Reservations

    A comprehensive reservation system lets you reserve units or unit types for a desired move in date, and charge a reservation fee that can be applied to the move-in. A desktop widget reminds you of the upcoming reservations, and a Reservation report helps you maximize your unit bookings. Reservations can be set to expire, to free up units and unit types.

  • Payments

    DoorSwap lets you easily receive payments for current balances, or pre-paid rent. DoorSwap can track separate paid-through and due-dates for multiple units rented by a single customer.

    When a payment is bounced an NSF is charged. When a customer wants an account statement or receipt sent, it is emailed with a click. When a partial payment is received, a warning email can be returned to the customer.

    Automation is the key to good service.

  • Point of Sale / Inventory Management

    The point of sale system lets you sell items to existing customers or to walk-in traffic. With its straightforward inventory management module, DoorSwap lets you keep track of inventory levels. A re-order quantity on each items allows the Inventory Report to highlight the items that need to be ordered.

  • Black List

    If a customer has worn out his welcome, click the Black List button. If this customer attempts to move into any of your properties and DoorSwap detects a match, you’ll be warned that the customer is black listed.

  • Online Bill Pay

    Your tenants can use the online DoorSwap tenant dashboard to manage many tasks on their own. Reduce the load on your staff while increasing your customer’s statisfaction.

    Your tenants can pay online, view historical charges and payments, pre-pay rent, and file service requests. They can also configure their auto-pay settings and update their contact information.

    Tenants can register their own username and password with easy instructions printed on their monthly statement.

  • Move Ins / Move Outs

    DoorSwap will print a daily list of available units to keep on the counter, including your upcoming reserved unit schedule. You can show tenants a top-down map of the property on your screen, or search for available units by unit type.

    If a customer changes their mind about a unit, doing a unit-transfer is painless and quick.

    You can enter a Scheduled Move Out date if a customer gives you notice. The system will continue to charge for rent until you tell DoorSwap the move-out actually occurred.

    At move-out time, a move-out report is generated for the customer and your files, and any outstanding balances can be written-off as bad debt.

  • Multiple Store Operation

    If you manage multiple locations, DoorSwap lets you assign staff members access to the store(s) they need. DoorSwap gives you easy and powerful top-down control of multiple properies.

    When you run your operation reports, you can specify one or more properties to include on the reports.

  • Go Mobile!

    You already know that you can use DoorSwap from any computer with a web browser. But you can also have full access to the DoorSwap system from your tablet! Take your Internet-connected iPad into the field with you while you rent units, do daily inspections, and perform collections. Take a credit card payment from the parking lot! And customers have mobile access as well. They can scan a code on their monthly statement and make an instant payment. Now that is letting technology work for you.

  • End Of Day

    DoorSwap automates most recurring features, eliminating the need for a tedious end of day process. Create a bank deposit, verify it matches your cash drawer, and your day is done.

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