Payment entry

  • Pay for multiple units with one payment

    Some customers rent multiple units, but only want to make a single payment. DoorSwap lets you apply a single payment to one or more units. For auto-pay customers, they will only see a single credit card charge for all their units.

  • Pre-payment

    Easily enter payments for future periods. The pre-payment preview window shows you how much pre-payment is required for the specified number of months, including any discounts and scheduled rate changes.

  • Previously used credit cards

    View a list of previously used credit cards on this customers account, and securely re-charge the card without having the customer present.

  • Swipe credit cards

    DoorSwap is compatible with most USB credit card swipers, available at any office supply store. Don’t pay fees for swipe machines; use a simple USB swiper to easily process credit cards and to set up auto-pay accounts.

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