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DoorSwap Dazzling at 2016 SSA Fall Conference

by admin on August 30, 2016

DoorSwap Management Software is returning to the beautiful backdrop of Las Vegas for the 2016 SSA Fall Conference & Trade Show.  Our team will be at Caesars Palace September 6-9.

We will be showing off the latest features and solutions provided by DoorSwap in our exhibit at Booth #204.  Take a tour of the system and meet our sales and support teams in person.

For a more in depth conversation, join us for our Round Table presentation Thursday morning at 8:30 am. You can have one on one conversations with our staff about your current technology goals.

DoorSwap Management Software is cloud-based software that handles collections, centralized mailing, online payments, auction management, payables, work order management, retail sales, comprehensive reporting, cash drawer tracking, and online rentals. DoorSwap integrates with all major gates, QuickBooks, and can be embedded in your website to give real-time pricing, availability and online rentals of your units complete with digital signature.

If you are looking for mini storage software, please give us a call for a talk or a demo. And come see us at Caesars Palace September 6-9.

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adminDoorSwap Dazzling at 2016 SSA Fall Conference

DoorSwap at 2016 SSA Spring Conference

by admin on January 29, 2016

It’s time to go to Dallas and see DoorSwap Management Software at the 2016 SSA Spring Conference & Trade Show.  We will be at the Hyatt Regency March 30 – April 1st.

We’ll be showing our cutting edge management software (, as well as our Self Service Terminal software that allows walk-in customers to pay their bill or rent a unit unattended. show picWould you like your customers to rent units from your website, including digital signature?  Our arNexus web plugin lets you quickly add online rentals to your website.  All integrated with the DoorSwap management system.

DoorSwap Management Software is cloud-based software that handles collections, centralized mailing, online payments, auction management, payables, work order management, retail sales, comprehensive reporting, cash drawer tracking, and online rentals. DoorSwap integrates with all major gates, QuickBooks, and can be embedded in your website to give real-time pricing, availability and online rentals of your units

If you are looking for mini storage software, please give us a call at 662-323-5350 for a talk or a demo. And come see us at the Dallas Hyatt Regency March 30 – April 1.

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adminDoorSwap at 2016 SSA Spring Conference

Squeeze Money From Rocks: Webinar

by admin on July 30, 2015

Watch Bill Ford discuss a variety of methods that you can use technology to increase the margins at your properties. Don’t leave money on the table, and don’t waste money. Use your existing tools to maximize your cash flow from your tenants and run your business more efficiently. We will discuss ways to increase occupancy, increase revenue, and decrease costs.

Come watch this webinar, courtesy of the Storage Business Owners Alliance (SBOA) by clicking here.

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adminSqueeze Money From Rocks: Webinar

DoorSwap Integrates with ClikandStor

by admin on May 6, 2015

DoorSwap Management Software Announces Integration with The Storage Group Websites and Online Rental Platform, ClickandStor™

Starkville, MS / Maitland, FL – May 6, 2015 – Assured Revenue Corporation, the supplier of the cloud-based DoorSwap Self Storage Management Software today announced a full integration with The Storage Group’s Self Storage Online Rental platform, ClickandStor™. The integration provides seamless presentment of a self storage facility’s properties to an online audience, with full online reservation capabilities.

DoorSwap’s self storage management software is one of the most advanced fully cloud-based storage management solutions on the market today. Launched in 2007, DoorSwap was engineered from inception to be a hosted enterprise solution for multi-property management companies. Revenue management functionality applies yield management logic to unit pricing, helping companies charge the right price for the right types of units. Multi property management reports gives owners the top-down information they need to make the right decisions for their current and future properties. All of this functionality is presented with an ease-of-use that even new employees can utilize immediately.

“Modern management software can really drive online sales,” says Bill Ford, President of Assured Revenue Corporation. “By combining the back-office power and flexibility of DoorSwap management software with the customer reaching potential of TSG’s website design expertise, a self storage company can substantially increase its online sales with a minimal investment.”

The Storage Group is a full service Digital Marketing Agency providing innovative tools and online marketing solutions that generate more business for self storage companies. Using their longstanding experience in self storage and Internet Marketing, TSG’s experts deploy the latest technologies to establish powerful web presences for storage operators while also maintaining its customer-centric commitment. TSG’s proven methods assist storage businesses in capturing target markets, attracting traffic, and increasing rentals.

“Integrating with DoorSwap was a no brainer for our team”, said Steve Lucas, Chief Operating Officer for The Storage Group, “Having a seamless transition during the reservation period is key to keeping a high conversion rate. ClickandStor™ provides a sexy front end along with powerful functionality for property management software.”

Assured Revenue will be displaying the latest version of DoorSwap Self Storage Management Software at several upcoming trade shows, including the SSA Fall Conference at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. To learn more about DoorSwap, please visit or call 662-323-5350.

For further information and news about The Storage Group, contact Holly Ritchie-Fiorello at 407-374-0689 or

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adminDoorSwap Integrates with ClikandStor

The Joy of Blacklisting

by admin on April 17, 2015

Most tenants are a treasured asset for a property, even if they can sometimes be a handful. It takes a lot of skill and effort to close a sale and get a new renter. But sometimes a particular tenant is simply not an asset. Messy Marvin, Non Paying Nancy, Destructive Dan, and Aggressive Amy have worn out their welcome. After you go through the process of evicting one of these bad renters, you don’t want to let them rent from you again without serious consideration. Blacklist that troublemaker in your DoorSwap Self Storage Management software and they won’t be able to sneak back into your facility or any of your sister facilities.

Once a tenant’s “Blacklist” setting is set to Yes, DoorSwap will be on alert for that person at any site in your portfolio, even if you don’t have security access to the other properties. When doing a Move In, the new customer’s name and various parts of their contact information are compared to all the blacklisted renters in your portfolio.

So how has the blacklist been used by DoorSwap users? I asked for stories from some managers in the trenches, and here are some of my favorites.

Judy C., a manager in Memphis TN told me these accounts:

“I blacklisted this particular person for leaving twenty full bags of trash in front of her unit after she cleaned out. Also, another tenant was pouring motor oil down the drain. I know this because in addition to the cameras we view, our owner saw the guy doing it with his own eyes! Blacklisted.”

Patrick W, the general manager of several facilities around Douglasville GA writes:

“We had a tenant that we blacklisted at one of our properties after coming in the office and acting like a mad man. This tenant was an auction tenant at the time and after he paid he was to move everything out of the unit immediately. He moved everything off the property but sat it all on the side of a busy highway. He proceeded to later move everything away via a Trans Am T-top car. The next day we came in office and noticed that our moving truck window was busted in 3 places. Yes he will be on the blacklist at our properties for Life!”

Duncan E, a general manager and software project manager in Nashville TN relayed this saga:

“I wish we had the Blacklist option sooner! When I took over this property I had a nice little old lady come in to rent a unit. She was already in the system and there were no notes alerting me to the problems we would have with her. She started out with one unit. Then she added another. Would be on site for hours on end moving things between her units. Then one day she showed up in a minivan that was packed full of “stuff”. I wish I had a picture of this van; there was barely enough room for her to sit it was so full. She then rented another unit for the items on the top of her van. Now that she has 3 units she started having problems paying for all of them. She started losing keys for her units. We suggested that she combine them into one larger unit so she could manager her payments. She did not like this idea as one big unit would overwhelm her.

She really became a problem when we would go to show a small unit that should be vacant and when we got to it and there was a lock on it! At first we did not know this was our hoarder. We finally figured it out when she would come in the office to let us know she had to put her things in another unit since hers were full. This happened a number of times so we again suggested a larger unit. Or that she throw out some of her junk. This only enraged her as she was let us know she was trying to start a daycare. Did I mention this was a 75 year old 5ft 2in elderly semi-homeless lady that was always asking tenants to help her move something…

We convinced her to move her things into the larger unit since she was having trouble paying for 6 units. She was always behind on at least 3 of them. Once she agreed to move, we finally saw into some of her units. They were full of Kroger plastic bags with random news papers or other papers she had. She was also hoarding dirty stuffed animals and random toys she would find in the trash. When I say full, I mean full to her. Bags were only stacked knee high as that was all she could manage.

Once we got her into the larger unit I was telling this story to a previous manager and he let me know this is not the first time she has been doing this at the property. He had to remove her from the property a few years ago due to the same problems. And back then she was sleeping in the van on site or in the parking lot.

We finally got her to move out by forcing her to move into one large unit instead of the 6 small units. She was not able to handle the stress we created for her by forcing her into one large unit she could afford to pay for. We finally had to evict her and gave her a week to clean out everything she wanted. She showed up with a U-Haul and some helpers who she claimed came from her church. Once the “helpers” saw what was in the units and that it was all trash, they told her she was on her own and that the church would help her store trash. After her time was up she left us with a 10×20 filled knee high with Kroger bags full of trash and loose change. And a headache for our maintenance man. IF only we had the Blacklist sooner we would never have let her back on the property.”

So, blacklist the people that cost you more time and effort than the money that you are occasionally able to get out of them, and avoid a repeat of a disaster. And you might also keep an eye out for a Trans-Am full of furniture or a van with bags of teddy bears on the roof.

Got a story to share about a tenant that you’ve blacklisted? Send it to

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adminThe Joy of Blacklisting

DoorSwap in Action at ISS Expo in Vegas

by admin on April 11, 2015

This week, hundreds of attendees of the ISS Expo at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas took a look at DoorSwap Self Storage Management software. Many of the attendees were new or prospective operators who had a list of questions regarding the many facets of self storage technology.

In between the well-reviewed education sessions on offer at the Expo, attendees flocked to the exhibit hall to test drive the products they need to grow and extend their property portfolio.  A hot topic for many who came to the DoorSwap booth was integration with other technology products like credit card, security gate, tenant insurance, call centers and web sites.  Other attendees wanted to discuss the subtleties of online reservations and rentals.

In the end, the DoorSwap team had a good show and met many old and new friends.  We hope that if you attended the show that you had a good experience, and if you didn’t…come see us next show.

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adminDoorSwap in Action at ISS Expo in Vegas

Watch the Online Reservation Webinar

by admin on March 18, 2015

No Vacancy – The Evolution of Online Reservations

What is the purpose of your self storage website?  To give information about your facilities, and advertise to prospects?  Yes, but the specific purpose is to make money by driving unit rentals.  In this webinar Assured Revenue’s Bill Ford looks at the past, present and future of maximizing the revenue potential of your self storage website.
Come watch this webinar, courtesy of the Storage Business Owners Alliance (SBOA) by clicking here.
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adminWatch the Online Reservation Webinar

Fun at SSA Show in DC

by admin on March 14, 2015

Hope you had a chance to come to the SSA Convention in DC this week. The DoorSwap software team (wisely not pictured) and its friends (pictured above kind of without permission) really enjoyed spending time with our customers, potential customers and vendors in the self storage industry.

These shows really reiterate the importance of open dialog between vendors, even those in competition.  Political barriers between vendors ultimately hurt the operators and stifle innovation.  At the DC convention it was refreshing to see familiar faces and strengthen bonds with some great technology providers.

Hope to see you all in Vegas for the ISS Expo on April 7th. Stop by the DoorSwap booth and share your feelings about the purpose of self storage management software and related technology in our exciting field.

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adminFun at SSA Show in DC

See DoorSwap in Vegas Spring 2015

by admin on January 16, 2015

Come visit Assured Revenue and see our DoorSwap Self Storage Management software in Las Vegas at the ISS World Expo on April 7-8, 2015. Paris Hotel and Resort is the location for this industry leading trade show and conference.

DoorSwap self storage management software is a 100% cloud based system that handles collections, centralized mailing, online payments, auction management, discounting, late fees, taxing, payables, work order management, retail sales, accounting, staff access control, comprehensive reporting, and cash drawer tracking. DoorSwap is engineered to manage all your facilities in one convenient management interface.

DoorSwap is a fully hosted web-browser based system, meaning that you don’t have to install and maintain any client or database software anywhere. With DoorSwap you merely need a compatible Internet-connected web browser on your Windows PC, Linux box, Macintosh or iPad.

DoorSwap integrates with all major gates, QuickBooks, and can be embedded in your website to give real-time pricing, availability and reservations for your units.

If you are looking for mini storage software, please give us a call for a talk or a demo. And come see us at Paris Hotel and Resort on April 7th and 8th.

For information on using DoorSwap self storage management software, contact Assured Revenue at 1.866.540.5350 or email

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adminSee DoorSwap in Vegas Spring 2015

New DoorSwap website

by admin on January 16, 2015

Announcing the release of a new DoorSwap website and blog.  The blog will be used to make corporate announcements, give software release notes and general comments regarding the storage industry.  We hope you enjoy.

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adminNew DoorSwap website