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DoorSwap is a fully cloud-based self storage software solution to automate tenant billing, online reservations and accounting. Since 2007 DoorSwap has used computer automation to provide a multi-property enterprise solution to accompany your business into the future.


DoorSwap is enterprise level self storage management software that drives collections, property occupancy, and accounting.

Daily Operations

DoorSwap's powerful and convenient features help your staff work at maximum efficiency.

Enterprise Management

Enterprise-ready management tools, reports and business logic options to operate your company using the best of today's technology.

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  • 100% cloud based

    Using a cloud hosted web-based solution means that you don’t have to install any software. Just point a web browser at our secure site, and your data is accessible to you anywhere and anytime.

  • Maximized revenue

    With revenue management, automated collections, and online reservations, DoorSwap is designed to help you make more money and collect it more effectively.

  • Fully integrated

    Assured Revenue partners with industry leaders to maximize your technology investment. We will never force you to choose a provider you don’t want!

Greetings from Assured Revenue. We are a software technology company that believes software should make your life better.

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